sandra pelly art artfromsoul painting landscape acrylic


© Sandra Pelly, 2014, All Rights Reserved,
Acrylic on card stock, A4 size

I am made of salt and stone, and centuries of history.  It all melds inside of me making a stone towns and streets inside, I used to grow red geraniums in windows before i drew the blinds.  The sky is melting, erasing, everything is disappearing, hardly there is anything left.  All doors and windows are latched and locked shut, streets ended up being empty, and people same as me erased.  My soul is disappearing, slowly, eating itself away.  Sometimes I feel like in child empress in never ending story, where my world is disolving into nothing to be named again, reinvented, however  I think I gave in, I let nothingness consume me, and my world, there is hardly anything left short of a bit of golden light behind the closed window.