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Happy Fucking Birthday to me! I didnt want it.... I dont want to hear congrats or any other bullshit.  Let me mourn after a name  I was not allowed to name my baby because people around me are too much fucking racist moronic idiots who had to stick their fucking beak where it does not belong.  I hope they rot in hell! I am fucking tired of hearing you cant fucking name your child hebrew name you are not jewish, or you will fucking condemn them for rest of their life or you will screw their life up and give them label that is bad. Leave me fucking be you imbeciles fuck off out my life for good! I dont want you around, I dont want to talk to you,  I dont want you calling me, messaging me, and screwing my life around.  I dont want you fucking putting pressure on my husband to change his mind 1 week before my baby was due while I am 1 focusing on my dad having cancer or 2 focusing on my pregnancy while having preeclampsia.  Fuck you all for making me mourn a name we chose for my baby that I called her for 9 months having to change it because I could not fucking take pressure from all you debiles! FuUUUUUCCCCKKKKK YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I know you will fucking read this because you cannot help but stick your beak in where it does not belong and then go to nonna and nonno saying "Oh you know what Sandra did?" or "Sandra is evil to want name child a hebrew name"

Fuck me I wish I would die for not being fucking strong enough and caving in! Fuck everyone I just wanna die.... God just kill me! I am sick of everyone and fucking everything! So fucking happy 39th birthday to me or as some assholes wish to claim for last 6 years that I am fucking 40 which I am fucking not! And at least I am not naming my kid Johnny boy like you fucking are!