asylum nude depression insanity sandra pelly painting acrylic paper


© Sandra Pelly, 2014, All Rights Reserved,
Acrylic on card stock, A4 size

Reference: lovely Natalie

I sometimes feel like I have locked myself into my own asylum, in my straight jacket of my own creation unable to escape.  I keep hurting myself, but at same time I reach for little bit of light.  I hide under the windows so outside world would not see me, I try to be obscure, and avoid everything I can.  I carve for love, hugs, touch... I hug myself,  I seek comfort within myself, and walls block me from speaking from anyone.  I look at the world and i see it dirty, place around me is not sterile enough.  I cant hide from my emotions that exert the violence towards me, anger towards me, self destruction that ultimately leads to self confinement.  I stopped trusting, I just locked myself away in the room and wont come out till it is all over.