sandra pelly acrylic nude painting figure pain depression sadness st teresa angel suicide death


© Sandra Pelly, 2015, All Rights Reserved,
Acrylic on card stock and tissue, A4 size

Reference:  Monqy88

Sometimes I wish I could take physical pain as a penance.  God knows that is easier to take than feeling way I am right now. Yeah physical pain as a way of sanctifying yourself.  I know I am supposed to believe it, but why physical pain, its easier way out, you bleed it hurts and it passes, emotional pain lasts for ages, does not go away and leaves scars that are always there, you cant erase them, cant get over them, they are deep, they hurt, they are constant nagging voice in back of your head. They ultimately destroy you, devour you.  So yeah if physical pain is easier I will take it, maybe St. Theresa was right.  She asked for suffering over death, I didnt ask for suffering I have it a plenty but death i frequently want to call upon.  Ecstasy of St Theresa... I would rather chose the other.