thoughts trogir dalmacija croatia hrvatska acrylic painting landscape streetscape sandra pelly artfromsoul

© Sandra Pelly, 2015, All Rights Reserved,
Acrylic on card stock, A4 size


My head is sometimes a mess of thoughts, a tangled web lost in darkness.  It talks, screams, yells, whispers, does never stop.  I get called to darkness.  As I sulk in corner I look towards the dark places, I don't have to look far they are within me.  I try to forget, actually forgetting is easy, everything gets erased like tabula rasa, except emotions, those deep dark ones creeping in, lurking behind every doorway, corner, every stone, every window.  Those emotions dont go away no matter how much you try.  The whispers are always there, always stalking waiting for right moment to inflict the right amount of damage, and that damage is always there.  My heart is constructed purely out of emotions, I do not use the head, since it is far gone.