Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust.


Trying something new.  Looked a bit better before i reworked it, but it is all in learning process.  I am trying hard to progress to learn new things.  I got addicted recently to paynes gray. I am I guess trying to see how it translate to monochrome figure so I can see how I can use it more effectively.  Quite like it.  I am still moody, just getting better.  SAM-e seems to be doing the trick.

While at trying new things I have started working on male figure.  I didnt paint Lee in a while so I thought to give it a go.  I usually dont like painting men, just Lee is awesome model.


I just started today.  This is as much I managed between screams.  I like how light plays on his body, and the muscle tone which is not overpowering. Last time I painted Lee was about 6 years ago.  It was very dark painting. I still do not know where this one will take me.  They usually turn dark because mess I am on the inside.


Hand prints on side are from my two year old. 


I am bottling a lot in recently trying hard not to explode.  I am hoping painting will let me get it out so no one will find themselves in the path.  I am pushing myself hard.  I have lots to learn.  I am trying to read more books on anatomy but what is frustrating me more than anything are the limitations of acrylic as medium.  Some people can achieve miracles with it, I get stuck on basics.  I will figure it out eventually.  I got recently into acrylic retarder.  It still wont let me do what I want to do, but I hope eventually I find the medium that will let me.  HA not for blog that was supposed to be professional. LOL Professional what does that mean?!?