gredlin acrylic painting finch bird sandra pelly art artist



© Sandra Pelly, 2015, All Rights Reserved,
Acrylic, marker, pencil and flat cealing white on paper, A4 size

I Do not know if I should post this.  Ido sketches now and then, not always landscapes and nudes, but experiment and what I learn I try to use it.. Also I Do not know what you call this bird in English but in my dialect its Grdelin.

My dad had grdelins all my life, I think all his life as well.  They catch them while they are still young in nest.  His one is always called Cico.  He keeps it on balcony in summer and in living room in winter.  He feeds him, gives him water looks after him and talks to him.  I dont agree with them keeping him in this tiny cage , but I guess its part of tradition.  When ever I think of my dad i think of Cico.  He was part of me growing up, I listened to his song every day untill I spread my wings and left.