aerfromsoul empty depression acrylic painting nude female woman



© Sandra Pelly, 2015, All Rights Reserved,
Acrylic on paper, A4 size

Reference: beautiful and inspiring fetishfaerie-stock

Listening to: Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven

This piece is an entry for the What it's Like contest at mental-health.

I often feel empty, void of everything.  I should feel something sometimes, but it has been all wiped away by the tide full of sadness, and inner conflict.  I should smile instead having default sad face as my husband calls it, even my daughters have it.  I should smile now and then, however that is all empty deep void, that cannot be filled.  The sadness frequently oozes of walls, while I cuddle pillow instead of my daughters.  I go through chaos every day,, I just walk through it, not even flinching.  Everything became just automatic, even singing with my daughters... Its just singing, its just cooking, its just cleaning, its just a walk.  It is all empty.

Dedicated to someone I knew for 40 years, since I was born, who was lifted week and a bit ago by the strong northern wind Bura, tossed 10m away against the fence, and is now in hospital in coma.  I hope that you do come through Teta Bistra.  I miss you.  I remember all the times our families spent together while I was growing up, you teaching in primary school, teaching drama club, the summers and beach, and always a kind smile from you.   I need you to pull through because life should not be extinguished just like that, with the strong "reful" of Bura.  Thank you for making strong impact on my life and my childhood.  I am honoured to have walked at least part of the path with you.  You have left a huge mark on my life and helped shape who I am.