Work in progress,

acrylic on paper, A4 cardstock


A new year has started... whatever that means,  i don't see any changes except definite insanity.  I am sometimes so tired of everything, of being a mum, a wife, of cleaning, even of small talk, socializing.... I dont want to do any of that, it bothers me at times. To be honest small talk and socializing is worst bit if I can avoid it I will. Bloody holidays and all obligations, I cant budge left or right, cant run, I feel immobilized, locked up, trapped, angry.  The new years came, my husband climbed on roof to watch fireworks and in process woke babies up... no such luxury as sleep for me... I day dream about it.  Having more than 1h of uninterrupted sleep is like heaven come true, going to toilet without someone looking wtf you are doing is a distant past.  I always get from my two year old: "What are you doing?" I chase her around the house with the potty, 6 month old one screams, 10 year old one does stupid stuff I want to crawl within me to find my personal space, my me, one that does not get disturbed, one with a little bit of time to herself.