I study human condition, and to be honest portraying human body is one of my favourite ways of expressing myself.  I use variety of media and through them I try to express my feelings, dreams, struggles.  Every painting is a story of what goes on in my head, sometimes it is messy.  My thoughts, my inner conversations are expressed through my nudes, through pose, colour, brush strokes.  Lots of time the story I try to tell is deeply private, sometimes I describe it in public in few brief sentences because most of the time people will misinterpret my intent, and I prefer to know the feelings painting aroused in the viewer instead spoon feeding the viewer what the painting is about.  I look for my inspiration not only from life models, but also from stock images on deviant art.  I can be nothing but grateful to stock artists for them providing me means of expressing my feelings and resolving issues that arise inside of me.